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Bat Weight

I have a son that is 9 years of age. I’m looking to purchase him a new bat. He is a good size for his age. I have heard from different coaches over the past years that the lighter the bat the better. What size would you recommend? Coach Swift answers: I would...

Two Seam

I am a right-handed, 12 year-old pitcher. I am trying to get a 2-seamer with good movement into a right-handed hitter. Please give me any tips or suggestions on how to get more “in” movement. Coach Swift answers: This is a relatively difficult question to...

Pitching Fear

What is the main reason kids are afraid to be a pitcher? Is it being the main focus in front of the crowd? Or is it being afraid of throwing balls and strikes with an umpire and worrying about hitting batters? Coach Swift answers: The simple answer is to say...

Hitting Slump

I’m in a hitting slump right now and it’s more mental then my swing. I’m not sure what to do. Before game time I’m loosy goosy and ready to play. But once I hit the field I freeze up and I don’t know why. Any suggestions? Coach Swift...

Youth Stations

I run a 10 week baseball camp every year for our local baseball organization. This year we have added a very young group (age 6-7) and I am struggling to keep their interest. The area of most concern is the hitting station. Can you suggest games and/or drills that can...
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