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Looking For A Coach

I’m sure you heard this question many times before, but here goes. First, here’s some background info 10 years old 5’3” 130# Cal Ripkin league- No pitchers mound Average pitch speed 56mph Top speed 63mph Pitched to 103 batters, 77 strikeout, 24 walks,2 hit with pitch...

Practice In Small Areas

Dear Coach, I am a middle school baseball coach in North Carolina. Early in the season our weather is misserable and often cannot practice outdoors. Being the lowest ranking ball program spacing indoors is rarely available to us. Are there any drills you can recomend...


My son pitched to one batter in his last game.  The bases were loaded when he came in and he unfortunately walked in the winning run.  How is this counted against him since none of the runs were his.  Is he credited with anything except the walk? Larry R. Greene...

Foul Territory

Is it legal for the first baseman to have his feet, one or both, in foul territory while holding a runner at first base?   Kevin My rule you must have eight players in fair territory. The rule is really designed to keep a coach from placing a player behind the...
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