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It Continues to be a Different Game

IT CONTINUES TO BE A DIFFERENT GAME   (Part 5-the 2001 Season)   November 1, 2001      Coach Bill Thurston Amherst College   This is the fifth in a series of statistical studies comparing wood bat performance to that of the high-tech aluminum bats. As...

Shortstop Tasks and Tips

ATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD SHORTSTOP Anticipates all defensive plays that could involve him; ready to throw to right base or home plate. Stays on top of the ball, with most throws. Plants his feet and throws overhand when possible. Works on holding runners close. Charges...

First Base Tasks and Tips

The defensive skills of the first baseman are often taken for granted. This position is the most under-rated defensive position on a team. The defensive skills of a good first baseman can often make the difference in winning a championship. Set & Ready Position...

Improving the First Baseman’s Stretch

First base is a pride position. First base is a guts position. As the father of a middle infielder, nothing drives me crazier than an infielder making a stellar play, throwing the ball low to first (as I teach them), then the first baseman waves at it, trying to...

Infield Skills

FIRST BASE 1. Must be able to handle all types of throws 2. Covers a wide territory 3. Tossing ball to pitcher covering first 4. Throwing to second base on double play a. Back point of second, if throwing from behind baseline b. Front point of second if throwing from...
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